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Powerful Packaging Design Creates An Inviting Environment For Customers To Buy

Product packaging is an art, science and technology of protecting or enclosing goods for transfer, storage, distribution, usage and consumption. As defined by the United Nations Statistics Division, the discipline of packaging is an inclusive term that includes a number of processes that have diverse effects on the way that the goods are packed, including methods of packing (such as shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or packing peanuts), materials used (such as paper, plastic or metal) and techniques used (for example, glue for sealing or adhesive for fixing). The overall purpose of product packaging is to provide an efficient means of transporting, storing and utilizing goods.

There are four main product packaging areas: functional benefit, appearance, utility and exteriors. Functional benefit encompasses aspects such as compatibility, aesthetic appeal, usefulness and cost effectiveness. Appealing to the customer is also an important aspect of functional benefit. Utility and exteriors packaging offer protection, hygiene, appearance and tamper resistance. Each of these areas has their own unique contribution to the final product packaging.

A well-developed packaging at Nicklaus Marketing & PR helps create a first impression, which in turn leads to increased sales and repeat business. Good packaging may do much more than just protect and beautify the product; it also creates a first impression. Packaging a product helps to create a positive visual experience in the mind of the consumer; the longer the consumer remains within the store, the greater the chance the brand will be recalled. Good packaging may not only reduce lost sales but can increase lifetime revenues as well.

Many ecommerce companies, on the other hand, utilize simple packaging techniques at Nicklaus Marketing & PR for their goods that lack aesthetic appeal, as well as the detailed, promotional information like the product's name and logo. One popular choice for these types of products is to purchase pre-shredded paper. The pre-shredded paper provides the necessary protective packaging but does not require the brand to be featured prominently. This type of packaging is easy to ship, as well as cheaper than shredded paper, since no cutting or gluing is required. The pre-shredded paper is often made by the same company that handles the ecommerce site, meaning a consistent level of quality is unlikely to be affected.

For brands that are unfamiliar with many people and their personal preferences, it's advisable to look into different options to determine what type of packaging may work best. Creating a custom product packaging is often easier and quicker than using pre-shredded paper, but some brands still prefer the tactile feel of traditional packaging. In this case, many people opt for custom printed cardboard. This packaging is a great option for many people, as it allows for added customization and is a cost-effective choice. Read more about marketing at

Whether the brand chooses to purchase pre-shredded paper or another type of packaging, or uses an already created product packaging design, it's important that they have a strong marketing plan in place. Having clear expectations and ideas about how the brand wants to look and feel when the product arrives helps customers connect with the brand more easily. If the branding does not convey an easy-going, approachable personality, then a successful launch will likely be hit or miss. A powerful packaging design combined with the right knowledge and know-how can make a huge impression on the buying public.

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